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A new experience coming to OKC
Shop Local | Experience Arts | Shift The Norm

Shop Local | Eat Well | Create Community

We are...

an environmentally conscious market, lounge, arts & events venue coming to Downtown OKC Summer 2023. 

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Housed in the creative and collaborative Sailor & The Dock space, the What I Do Arts Venue will host shows, classes, and one-of-a-kind experiences.​

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Founded on historic Film Row in West Village OKC, Sailor and the Dock is a destination spot built on core values of...


It’s the only way future generations and other species can sustain in this world. Sustainability is embedded in many aspects of S&D, and it's central to the impact we aspire to make. We seek to connect with local and global leaders to inspire sustainability in the community and the world. Tap to learn more about sustainability and the concept of embodied energy.


The key in human vitality. When joined as a community, everyone can dream bigger, learn and grow together to make the biggest impact in the world. Sailor & The Dock was founded with this belief as its baseline… to be The Dock where the community can come together and embark on what they know will be an amazing adventure.


Nature is an abundance of unique recourses for creation, giving its species bountiful paths for evolution, ideas, and ways of being. For humanity, this is achieved through culture, art, and entrepreneurship. We live to embody these aspects of creativity with the mission of providing creative spaces for ideas to bloom and thrive.


Remembering to set the wellness of the body and mind as a core intention is key to creating a better, more sustainable world. Without taking care of ourselves, how can we expect to make a meaningful impact? We seek to promote wellness for all patrons by incorporating nature and healthy lifestyle concepts that promote well-being.