Downtown OKC’s new local market

The Concept

Sailor & The Dock is a local market, bar, arts and events venue in an eco-conscious conversion of a 1920s urban warehouse. It is a central place to fill your vitality cup by shopping, eating well, and building community among a collective of mission driven creators, artists, and local retailers fostering a new movement of powerful projects and missions in the city.

In the News...

Impact Awards Finalist

Impact Awards Finalist Get Updates! Community & Sustainable Sailor & The Dock development project completed by Interna Development under leadership & management of Hamid Pezeshkian,

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Film Row Transformation

Film Row Transformation Get updates Credit to BRYAN TERRY/THE OKLAHOMAN Oklahoma City Development The Oklahoman highlights Sailor & the Dock’s founding vision of sustainability, wellness, and

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There's something for everyone.

In addition to a unique market place, there is a dedicated arts & events space with weekly programing showcasing OKC's artists, creatives, musicians, and more each week. To top it off, patrons can convene for a drink at the sailboat bar in the center of the Sailor & The Dock market.

Core values

As the creative vision for this project became clear, the core values of Sustainability, Creativity, Community, and Wellness were born - guiding Hamid’s direction for the adaptive-reuse conversion / development of this 14,000 square foot downtown warehouse into a creative community space, as well as the founding characteristics of Sailor and The Dock.

Reclaimed Sailboat Bar

That’s right – the bar is made from a sailboat that’s lived its full life navigating earth’s waters. Rather than end up in a land fill, this boat is the centerpiece of Sailor & The Dock. This is a physical representation of sustainability, a core value of Sailor & The Dock. We honor nature at every turn, striving to be thoughtful and creative in preserving nature's resources.

Shop Local

Surrounding the sailboat bar floating in the center of the venue, there are a variety of trendy local shops. Expect a melting pot of creative local retail businesses (we call them sailors) featuring a farm-to-table cafe, trendy book shop, coffee shop, low waste living store, vintage clothing store, and more.

Plan your next event​

Just down the street from the Devon Tower and Myriad Gardens, Sailor & The Dock is a central spot to throw your next event in Downtown OKC. Located at 617 W. Sheridan Ave. on Historic Film Row in West Village District, the dedicated event space will be available for private events this summer. Schedule a tour!​

Sustainability & wellness focused

We seek to promote wellness for all patrons by incorporating design elements and lifestyle concepts that promote well-being. Our mission of preserving nature is manifested through structural decor, utilizing recycled bottles, repurposed sailboat bar and sails, with plants throughout.

Meet the founder

Sailor & The Dock launched with Hamid’s vision to repurpose a 100 year old urban warehouse into a unique hub for arts and entrepreneurial experiences that align with his core values as a creative. Hamid’s love for preserving nature from unsustainable development and construction led him to to create a space that inspires other humans to love nature and each other.

Hamid Pezeshkian / Concept Founder & Operator

It's in the name

With Hamid’s new-found respect for sailing, which he considers a super power and amongst the most sustainable form of traveling the world, the name Sailor & The Dock was born. Sailor and the Dock represents the Dock where explorers and risk takers - creative artists and entrepreneurs - come together to embark on their journey!

Willa Darian / Co-Director of Operations

Meet the Co-Director of Operations

From a young age, Willa had a fascination with the art of collaboration and human interaction. Sailor & The Dock presented an opportunity to play a role in helping grow an ecosystem of community driven concepts, while connecting The Dock's core values to the city through wellness programming for both the body and mind. Willa is excited to bring her knowledge from the theatre and film world to provide fulfilling experiences for artists and non-artists alike.

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