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Sustainability & Embodied Energy

Sailor & The Dock was founded on the principal mission of inspiring human connection to nature. 

With our planet’s vitality and longevity in mind, Sailor & The Dock’s journey began from its chosen site of a historic building within an urban setting, passionately evolved with layers of thoughtfully made spaces, that support creative causes with the environment and the community in mind.  

Sailor & The Dock is built within a unique adaptive-reuse of a 100-year-old urban warehouse in the heart of Downtown OKC. The central location invites the culture of walking, biking, and scooting to from many who work and live in and around the central OKC metro. 

Amongst sustainable methods of transportation and connectivity is the importance to preserve natural land from being developed into structures to meet changing demands. Instead, the opportunity to reutilize a historically unique building and planning for versatility is much more suitable….

One of the most important aspects of preserving older buildings is the concept of the embodied energy. An existing building represents a cumulative amount of energy, compounded over the course of its construction. From the extraction of raw material to their transportation, manufacture, and distribution, to the physical act of construction of the building, energy is spent. This energy, in the inert form of a building, remains in place as long as the building stands. If demolished, the building’s embodied energy is lost, and additional energy has been spent to raze it. Loading and hauling the building debris to a landfill requires additional energy and loss of resources.

Construction of a new building on an empty lot or new parcel of undeveloped land requires a new expense of energy, beginning with the mining of natural materials embodied in the earth. While many architects, designers and developers today tout the “green” practices and materials used in constructing contemporary buildings, this frame of mind overlooks the fiscal benefits and resource conservation of reusing existing buildings. Furthermore, it is estimated that a new, energy-efficient building will take 65 years to save back the embodied energy lost in demolishing an existing building. Reusing an existing building embraces the philosophy of recycling, making it the greenest choice. Thus, embodied energy can be viewed as investment in a building. Retaining and preserving this investment is also the most fiscally responsible choice for a community.

The interior:

Sailor & The Dock’s interior spaces are created from unique “art-structures” that serve as creative statements of sustainability, designed to inspire human connection to nature and the earth.

This concept of embodied energy was expressed as early as 1980 in this poster by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

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Sustainability & Embodied Energy

Sustainability & Embodied Energy Sailor & The Dock was founded on the principal mission of inspiring human connection to nature.  With our planet’s vitality and

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