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Notice the pennies tacked on the end of each price? We donate this portion to a rotating local charity.

Signature Mocktails

Apple First Mule

Lime / Spiced Agave / Ginger Beer


Hibiscus Fizz

Orange / Spice Agave / Lemon


Elderberry Spritz

Lemon / Agave


Local Beer


Stonecloud Lite

Lager (4.3% ABV)


Anthem Golden One

Golden Ale (7% ABV)


Recyclable Can

Clubby Seltzer

Seltzer (5% ABV)


ACE Pineapple Cider

Cider (4.6% ABV)


Rad Hombre

Mexican-style lager (5% ABV)


Stonecloud Classique

Pilsner (5.2% ABV)


Skydance Fancy Dance

Hazy IPA (6.8% ABV)


Prairie Seasick Crocodile

Sour (6.3% ABV)


Marshall Big Jamoke

Porter (6.8% ABV)


Signature Wine


The Classic

Sugar Cube / Dash of Bitters


Elderberry Champagne Spritz

Lemon / Sugar Cube


Sailor Moon Mimosa

Hibiscus / Orange


Coldorato Prosecco


Steinbach N/A Bubbles



Seasonal Sangria

White Sangria

Made to order & farm fresh


Red Sangria

Made to order & farm fresh



Black Oak Chardonnay


Costa Del Sol Vinho


Bordeaux Blanc



Sand Creek Red Blend


Vindemiatrix Blend (Organic)


Large Soif! Rouge



Zorzal Pinot Noir


Poppy Cabernet Sauvignon


Puro Malbec


Weekly Specials

Wine Wednesday

$1 off glass of signature wine

Thirsty Thursday

Sun-dried tomato-basil pesto, smoked ham, cheddar, onion‚Äč

Sunday: Pick Your Poison

Your choice of freshly squeezed juice featuring grapefruit, pomegranate, and oranges from Flametree farms paired with our signature champagne

See our upcoming events or host your own!

Flametree Farms

We source organic, hand-picked citrus from Flame Tree Farms and use it to create delightful mocktails and mimosas every chance we get.

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