Impact Awards Finalist

Community & Sustainable

Sailor & The Dock development project completed by Interna Development under leadership & management of Hamid Pezeshkian, was awarded the 2023 ULI Impact Awards Finalist as the top 3 projects in the State of Oklahoma bringing positive impact to community and sustainability. ULI OKLAHOMA’S IMPACT AWARDS recognize projects that exemplify best practices in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities, through each project’s contributions to the built environment and the public realm.


Sailor & The Dock is where creators, entrepreneurs, artists, and community promoters join to sail off on their journey – big or small – to fulfill that which is most important to them. The development of Sailor & The Dock features the adaptive reuse of a 100-year-old warehouse located on historic Film Row. Sailor & The Dock is home to a local market that provides incubator-like business resources and affordable rental rates for small businesses to grow and a community event space. The space is designed around a centerpiece sailboat bar, a bar built out of an abandoned sailboat that was purchased for $200 from Lake Hefner, which serves as a physical representation of sustainability, a core value of the project.