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Founded on historic Film Row in West Village OKC, Sailor and the Dock is a destination spot built on core values of...


It’s the only way future generations and other species can thrive in this world. This is central to the impact we aspire to make at S&D. We seek to connect with local leaders to inspire sustainability in the community. Tap to learn more.


When joined as a community, everyone can dream bigger, learn and grow together to make the biggest impact. Here at Sailor & The Dock, the community can come together and embark on creative adventures to inspire growth.


Nature provides an abundance of unique recourses. For humanity, this is achieved through culture, art, and entrepreneurship. We live to embody this through the mission of providing creative spaces for ideas to bloom and thrive.


Wellness of the body and mind as a core intention is key to creating a more sustainable world. We seek to promote wellness for our patrons by incorporating nature and healthy lifestyle concepts that promote well-being.

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Impact Awards Finalist

Impact Awards Finalist Get Updates! Community & Sustainable Sailor & The Dock development project completed by Interna Development under leadership & management of Hamid Pezeshkian,

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Film Row Transformation

Film Row Transformation Get updates Credit to BRYAN TERRY/THE OKLAHOMAN Oklahoma City Development The Oklahoman highlights Sailor & the Dock’s founding vision of sustainability, wellness, and

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Repurposed Art Structures

REPURPOSED ART STRUCTURES Get Updates! Creating art from waste After discovering that wine bottles can’t be recycled with the labels on them, we worked with

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Downtown OKC’s New Hot Spot

Downtown OKC’s new hot spot Get Updates! Sustainable & Innovative Featured in 405 magazine, Sailor and the Dock has gained a reputation for their innovative

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