Our Mission

Our mission is to get people excited about incorporating sustainable practices and finds into their everyday lives. From unique upcycled pieces and projects to vintage goods, we love to see pre-loved treasures find new homes and new life! We are passionate about sustainability and accessibility, making high design and style a reality for all types of rare-of-a-kind-find enthusiasts. Indulge your nostalgic and classic style senses in our vintage core store at Sailor & The Dock. We specialize in all things for entertaining such as barware/stemware, tea/coffee sets and customer curated dining service sets. Let’s get excited about remixing the past, present and future together in joy!

Meet our co-founder

Thrifting and upcycling through creative art making was part of my early memories growing up. My grandmother would take me thrifting and show me how to transform our finds into sellable art or pieces to make our family homes special. As a Chicanx multidisciplinary artist, who's family were migrant farmworkers, my ancestors taught me to find good use for things and to waste as little as possible. These same teachings and sensibilities continue to inform my work. Art and curation became my career path and I continue to use upcycle techniques in my making process. I love sourcing and making unique pieces, curating spaces that invite imagination, joy and sustainability. ArchivalNOW is an extension of this passion, where we are able to offer our customers rare-of-a-kind-finds such as special vintage pieces, upcycled pieces and original works that create memories and moments for everyday living to special events. ~ Katrina Brook Flores

Accessibility and Equity Commitment

High style concepts and price-point accessibility are not mutually exclusive to us. We are passionate about ensuring people have opportunities and pathways to reaching their visions. We come from under-resourced and marginalized communities. We seek to center those that need equitable support to realize their visions in our own little way. This is why we have worked hard to come up with a sliding-scale model that hopefully makes our services and retail experience more accessible. To that note, we hope this self-assessed usage of our sliding scale monthly discounts promote access rather than excess. Here’s how it works: · Each month we can offer up to $200 in discounts · The discounts work until we’ve hit that number, then they will be deactivated until the next month. He is our thoughts for how we hope these are used: o Because it is both impossible and insulting for us to attempt to assess your financial situation, access to these offers is open to anyone who self-assesses their need to access these sliding-scale discounts. We recognize that economic access in our world is affected by factors like race, ability, ethnicity, immigration status, class, health, gender, and a host of other factors both individual and systemic and trust you to make this call yourself. · Discounts are available at 10-30% off, so you can choose which tier works for you. · We hope to serve 3-4 additional customers each month with these offers. · So that these discounts are available to as many people as possible, please wait until the end of the month if you have already used a discount in the past 3 months. · At check out, please let us know which sliding scale discount code you will be using: ArchivalNOW Sliding Scale Discount Codes: SLIDINGSCALE10 (10% off your order) SLIDINGSCALE20 (20% off your order) SLIDINGSCALE30 (30% off your order) We also offer a standing 10% Discount to our relatives with a Tribal ID Card

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